Monday, June 22, 2009

A year ago's June

Because my nose has been glued to the drawing block all weekend, I failed to get out and get a life in pictures. So this is a looking back. A year ago, in 4 days, my friend Constanza will have lived in Durham, North Carolina for a year, with husband Blake and son Lucas. An actual postcard arrived last week from their camping trip near Roanoke. I have as much difficulty imagining Cons camping as many had of me. Till I proved it. Ha. Anyway, above, was our little goodbye supper on the terrace, June 26th, 2008. Maybe you've seen it before. I liked the pictures.

Above: the agastache last year. Below, the same, I promise, agastache, this year. WTF, mate?

AND, last June 22nd...le blocked gutter!

Some things change, some stay the same.

If something in your life gives you the heebie jeebies, get rid of it. To illustrate this point I will have to tell the story of the Lizard. Maybe this evening. Within weeks of getting rid of the Lizard, my life started to change...


  1. Looking forward to the lizard tale. I almost typed lizard tail by mistake. My mind wanders to bad puns even when I don't want it to.

  2. I did that...with the MIL... well, not actually got rid of her, as in cutting her into manageable sized pieces,...but, ...just don't have anything more to do with the toxic, miserable old bitch. My life changed so grandly I can't stop thanking myself for finally making the perfect decision.... why did I wait so long?

  3. Ocracoke is beautiful. The camping site was right by this deserted beach. The bugs did creep up on me, maybe because of my sugary blood, due to high sugar intake. An arachnid of some kind feasted on my left arm. Maybe he had some friends over too. Blake will upload pics soon to


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