Saturday, June 6, 2009

Borough Hall Farmers' Market

Borough Hall, Brooklyn, ten minutes' walk from home. I was actually photographing the tall flowers. Eremerus. I've never seen them in New York and there they were in this unlikely little park.

Something about fountains. Fountains that look like this...they bother me. This looks like somewhere else.

The Manhattan Bridge, below, on the horizon...

I mailed some packages to South Africa at the nearby post office, and then saw red.

$6 a box, but I bought some.

Stinky daisies and sweet Williams.

I bought spring garlic even though I have my own on the terrace. Tomorrow I'll make a garlic risotto - got a bunch of scapes, too.

Leaves. I didn't buy leaves. I did get some more basil seedlings, though, and another sage plant and some parsely.


  1. At $US 6.00 a box, you might as well see red. :-)

  2. I need a farm, just a small one so grow all those delicious things - probably a different climate too.
    But a farm - Big Brother has one and planted Eugenia ... ! ... which his eland ate.

  3. really is local food time!

  4. Here in Kansas we call those tall flowers Red Hot Poker. Some have red flowers, some chartruse green, and others white (or so I hear). Love them, and they seem to be more popular now that before!

  5. Beence - well, if they'd been organic, I would not have minded.The quest continues. Beam me up, Scotty.

    Hen - hmmm, we could terrace the middle part of the garden? Summer project for free Chicken labour?

    Karen - had them last night in risotto: dee-licious.

    Amanda - are you mayeb thinking of kniphofia? Similar but different. I had them, growing up, too, in South Africa.


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