Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer root vegetables

They don't all belong to winter, you know.

On my way to the copiers, as I was trotting through the wet Union Square Farmers' Market today (the newly-laid paving stones do not.drain.properly), unwittingly flipping black puddle-water spots onto the back of linen pants as I went, grrr, I was stopped in my sodden tracks by these gorgeous radishes, baby turnips and young fennel.

Lust. Pure lust. I wanted them. And I wanted bagna cauda. Four or five sorts of raw vegetable chopped or sliced, dipped into a warm bath of: olive oil, lots of soft, sweet garlic, melted anchovies, and spritz of lemon, perhaps. Bread to sop the last, fond-rich sediment up.


  1. Bagna cauda... We wants it, my precioussssss....

  2. I haven't had bagna cauda in ages! Now I must make some this week. Thanks for reminding me of it.

  3. What a good recipe you linked back to; much simpler than the steep-garlic-in-milk one that I have. I shall try it.

    I yearn for stalls with beautiful piled up vegetables - we don't have that where I live, at least not so photogenically. We do have an amazing array of creative spelling and punctuation though: lots (lot's?) of potato'es, banana's, spinich...

  4. wow. Bagna cauda. never heard the name, never had it; i will rectify that asap. gf will not eat anchovies however. heh, more for me.

    i also plan on adding some form(s) of daylillies to a stir fry for friends this weekend. fortunately, they will eat about anything i feed them, barring personal steadfast food principles.

  5. I could not agree more--strange coincidence that i took all my purple looking carrots and beets and styled a little shoot (nerd).
    (love that stand--they always have some really good looking and challenging things-and bagna i won't be able to stop thinking about that until dinnertime...thanks!)

  6. I'm between the fruit and the poached egg as I quickly skim emails...want bagna cauda. NOW!

  7. Vinsang - and you'll get itssssssss x You'll even learn to make itssssssssss

    Gigi - I'm making it right now! Funny. I never bought those radishes of yesterday (Hm. "The Radishes of Yesterday: a book of culinary regrets"). Now I have a bagful of yummmy, crunchy vegetables.

    Rachel, why, thank you. Steep in milk cracks me up! It's so anti- garlic...Seriously, cooking it slowly really sweetens and softens it.

    You may not have markets like this, but you do have Allotments.

    I got no allotment.

    Donna - I am tempted to say, Don't tell her. But that would be evil. This is an anchovy-thing that firm anti-anchovy-ers gobble up. It's 100% unfishy. The softness of the little fishies bears no resemblance to their rigid state out of the bottle/can. If you eat meat, there's a killer lamb recipe to feed her. She'll never know.

    I trust you to document the daylily stirfry at all stages, including just-harvested, and to send one a couple of pictures? Pleeeeeeeeease? Blog homework?

    Bonbon oiseau, you are my kind of bird, I mean nerd :-) fruit, poached eggs. It sounds so...Holy. I do love poached eggs.


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