Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Tribeca rooftop gardens

This is where the light comes from. Up. This, where I am standing, is a garden on a second floor, on the roof to the rooms below. So it is a rooftop garden.

This kind of situation is known in the trade as a Shade Pit.

My philosophy is to embrace the shade...we will make it work for us! Woodland serenity now.

It has some akebia doing quite well, but very top-heavy. And will all soon be built and planted from scratch.

Below, a few streets away, is one of our gardens on a high corner, with views of the Hudson.

Seen from the edge of this third roof, below, where I hope to see a garden in a month or so...


  1. What an amazing ambition. I hope you'll post photos of the process?

  2. I'm reminded of this, maybe you came across it as well.

  3. I was kind of hoping the post would go - dark spot, buildings all around, mushrooms, bioluminescent cave algae!

    But woodland was a close second...

  4. Thank you for embracing the shade! Recently, at a "community" garden here in Philadelphia 10 trees were removed so that all plots would receive "equal sunshine". Oh for a hosta or a fern....


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