Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Herbs on the edge

Thyme flowers are so pretty. A recipe of Roger Verge's calls for a few tablespoons of them in a chard and olive mixture for a delicious, flat tart. An optimistic sort of recipe, speaking volumes about its terroir.

The terrace creeping to the edge. There is a nice wide gutter to catch any errant pots, but so far there have been none, touch wood - and none of them are positioned near or over the door to the brownstone. Quel disaster...

The gaura will be next. Before it blooms it is red in leaf, and also in the fall. The Median gaura have shot up after their puny start.

One of the manymanymany self-seeded fennels. Buy a plant one year, get free plants the next. I love their airy leaves in perennial plantings.

Chives, of course. I've been eating the flowers , crumbled, in salads.


  1. i can eat the chive flowers? excellent! your terrace is just beautiful - a room with a view.

  2. very nice.

    reminder, again

    get the gaura


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