Friday, June 12, 2009

The little Henry Street garden tiny. In the apartment on the basement level sits an elderly lady, in the light of a lamp, in a comfortable looking chair, facing the street. I assume it is her garden.

There is always something happening in it.

The Rose of Sharon was taken out. I'm glad. I can't abide their hairy branches. Maybe somewhere else. The seaside? Now there is a clematis.


  1. Good morning on this very auspicious day! the sun is shining in CT today and I'm thinking of you and wishing you an awesome day!

  2. Good morning, fellow musketeer :-)

    I'm off to promise that I'm neither a communist, a prostitute, nor an "habitual drunkard."

    It's wet here.

  3. well, it's still raining here in SW CT. but it may clear up later...i feel like i am growing webs between my toes, and maybe some gills, too! love the pics of this little city garden.

  4. It has been a strange and sometimes tricky journey, but now- well I look forward to the post about the Communist Party! ;-)

    (Bet you're pleased that you take your oath with the present White House incumbent and not the former!)


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