Monday, June 22, 2009

Fillet mignon and fire

The first fire of 2009.

The first fillet mignon I have purchased - ever - in the United States.

From the terrace: thyme flowers, summer savoury. From the World: garlic, lime, olive oil...

Pan-cooked potatoes with walnut oil and sage. Medium-rare meat.


Oh...but fillet (so over indulged in in South Africa, back in the day, where it doesn't cost quite as much as a house)? Meh. Give me a porterhouse any day.


  1. Looks delicious. And I can see why the poor fire alarm cat would have been freaked out...

  2. Another yummy meal chez Marie... But I must admit, after reading Beence's comment, I remembered the "smoghe alarm" posts on Estorbo's blog and just had to find and watch the video of your fire cat in action. He's such a good boy!


  3. My mouth just watered. What joyful pictures for a carnivore to enjoy.


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