Thursday, June 25, 2009

(More) Roast Chicken for One

Half a $15 organic chicken, cut down the middle, the other half frozen for Later
2 potatoes, sliced
Your favourite herbs: terrace thyme, savoury and sage in my case
Half a lime's juice
Salt and pepper

Heat oven to 450'F/220'C. Put potatoes in bottom of roasting dish or shallow pan (high sides prevent browning). Place chicken skin side up, over the little pile of herbs you have gathered. Squeeze lime juice over, season liberally, add about half a cup of water to pan, pop in oven. Look at it again in 50 minutes and add a little more water to help make the sticky, creamy sauce that is gathering. Take out about 5 minutes later, carve, eat the crispiest skin ever. You can deglaze the pan once the potatoes are out, with some water, or white wine. Stir up the brown bits.

Have some salad, too.


  1. The felines chez quiltcat are now clammering for roast chicken! However, it's a bit too hot here to have the oven on for close to an they'll have to "make do" with grilled Copper River salmon, arriving tomorrow from Alaska...

  2. about "clamoring"...


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