Thursday, June 11, 2009

Borough Hall in the fog

On this late Thursday afternoon, in skin-prickling fog, I walked to 225 Cadman Plaza East, to see where I need to be tomorrow morning to become an American. I have this waking nightmare that I forget to go at all, or can't find it. But I found it. It's close to home.

Is this where we come to be citizens? I asked the armed guard at the Xray machine in the light- filled oval lobby.

Yes, it is, sweetheart, he smiled.

Walking back, in the wet, my hair curling with moisture, I passed a homeless man feeding pigeons. He threw bread ahead of me as I walked, and I was escorted by clouds of wings and moving air. I don't mind pigeons, and I understand why people feed them. They are their friends.

The market on a Thursday. Not sure I knew. Small strawberries! I bought them.

Bought a bunch of the white onions. Beautiful potatoes, but I had some at home: I was going to make - and it's bubbling on the stove now - chicken curry for supper.

The old lavender and rose and boxwood trick in front of Borough Hall. It's pretty. I'd like to jump the fence to picnic, though. The plastic edging and massive bark chip mulch tend to distract, but right now this little park is looking very good and well-groomed.

It feels like Saturday on a Thursday. Thursday's child has far to go.

I'm not quite there yet.

Dis nie die pyn nie, maar O, die dors...

Oh. I ate the little strawberries in one sitting, straight from the box.


  1. This was an amazing post--gave me chills.

  2. Floating on clouds, this post.


    I like the borough hall market. Sad that my studio will be gone from dumbo in two weeks....

  3. We're never "quite there". Thank god, the road always stretches ahead of us, winding, endless. (But "Are we there yet?" remains my favourite question too.)

    I'll be there, however, on that specific occasion, disguised as a pigeon, on a window ledge, watching... :-)

  4. I wasn't planning to attend the citizenship ceremony that made me Canadian, but was urged to do so by my parents who had gone through their own several years previously.

    I'm so glad they persuaded me. It was intensely moving and awe-inspiring. The judge spoke of our rights AND our responsibilities, and I felt so proud to be part of this fine country. You are becoming citizen of another remarkable country and I'm so happy for you!

  5. Wonderful post, Marie. Congratulations and best of luck tomorrow!

  6. Ikaika and I will be thinking about you tomorrow morning and sending our best wishes and purrs ...


  7. Beste wense Marie, ons dink aan jou.

  8. Oops, sorry! Not anonymous, me.

  9. Also been thinking of you all day, a little sadly, but know how important, essential it is, and what happiness will follow. Can't cry because my implants might wash out !

  10. Chica, congratulations!
    As I said before in some skype message, I sent my papers on Monday! No sofa, no excuses.
    So I will be thinking of you and look forward to celebrate. Cons

  11. Gigi - brrrr:-) Thank you.

    Frank - yes. Nice onion sign. Really?? I didn't realize so soon. I'm sorry...Where will your studio be now?

    Centvingt - you, a pigeon? Miracles are possible! Now that you mention it, there was a particularly bold pigeon in front of the court house. He tried to look up my skirt.

    Blog this case, no attend, no get. There was very little inspirational (lots of paperwork) other than the mass of different-hued faces, which was amazing.

    QC - thank you m'dear...

    Ikaika - I felt the purrs my furry freind/s :-)

    Die Louws - baie dankie. Drink op ons.

    Karen - I am?

    Jen - thank you, Sweetie. I'm one of you now.

    Poor Hen, don't be sad...And you need your lenses.xxxxxxxxxxx

    Cons - you crack me orp! But I didn't get the Skype message. I'll check again. Wow! You did it! Think of how many couches I would have had by now...heheheheh.

    When do you leave for Bogota?

  12. congrats!!!! :) welcome to us xx

  13. Mi chica,
    I leave on July 19th, till August 2nd. Besitos, viva la ciudadania! When mine goes through we'll, like, like do something?


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