Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found Grey Cat, Lower East Side!

An unexpected find in the rolling metal gates of Holly, Wood and Vine this morning. Chris thought it may be a pigeon, but a grey cat shot out. Some hours later when I arrived at work he told me about it - the cat had disappeared, and we found him hiding under a car on Forsyth Sreet, about 20 feet from 6 lanes of East Houston Street traffic. I lay on my tummy and pulled him out, and he is prowling nervously around the office. Clearly friendly, but very worried.

I have posted a craiglist ad, and only hope the owner thinks to look there. Also distributed fliers on the block. If this were my cat I'd be frantic. Very hard to know how far he may have come.

I wonder if he has a microchip. Seems young; neutered male. Russian Blue?

Update: Julia, from the East Village Vet saw the flier and the kitty is going to be scanned here for a microchip! Result: no microchip. And ever since being scanned he is hissing. Poor cat.

Happy ending. Nikita is a she, not a he. I could have sworn she had picked pockets, but anyhoo...she was identified from her flier by a neighbour upstairs, who said she may belong to another neighbour. That neighbour was called and said she would be home in two hours. I emailed that neighbour's partner-person who ID'd the kitty as Nikita. Then the nanny came and fetched her.

I hope she stays OK and out of the street. Nobody seemed too concerned. But maybe they didn't know she was missing.

It makes me glad to have my own kitty safe at home. This morning several people saw the cat run under the cars but no one tried to get her there it stayed for hours. Clever cat.


  1. Oh wow, I love his bulging green eyes. Hope he's reunited with his owner.

  2. He's beautiful, and looks well cared for...hope you find the owners!

  3. Good job reuniting her with her people! She looks like one of our ferals, TiGrey, who was trapped and spayed early this year. TiGrey lives under our house. Ikaika watches her from the catrun.

    I hope Nikita's family is able to keep her off the streets!


  4. That's one pretty toy for Estorbo!

  5. glad that you were able to reunite Nikita with her people. I for one would have been frantic if my cat got out...and forever grateful to the kind people who went to a lot of effort to rescue her and get her back to me.

  6. Whew! Here's to a happy ending - and yes, I hope she stays indoors away from danger! Thanks for looking after the pretty little one. :)

  7. I luuuve cat stories happy endings. Especially after seeing the big, oh so worried eyes...


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