Friday, June 26, 2009

Terrace growings on

The fig is figging.

The gaura is in bloom.

The seed-sown cosmos is making buds. I would still like to visit Lesotho when the cosmos is in bloom. How it got there in such numbers I don't know, since it appears to be Mexican.

Then again, if we applied the same standards to exotic and alien and non-native humans as we do to plants, we'd all have to go back home.

Wherever that is. And whenever that is. When does who you are start? Through how many generations of bloodstreams does your DNA have to course to turn indigenous? If you are a plant, never.
If you are a human that is hard.

Imagine. North America draining swiftly and returning to Mexicans and First Nations. And they in turn back-paddling across the Beiring Straits? Beige South Africans schlepping back to Germany, France, England, Holland, to shiver under unfamiliar skies. South America seeing mass exodus. Spain popping at the seams. Australia returning to didgeridoo-accompanied silence. All going back to the native ranges.

To bloom where we belong.

In the end we'd all land up where I started.

In Africa.


  1. Gettin figgy on us, now.

    I learned today at a market on Court that there are white and purple figs (green and near black?). I bought the purple.

    No gaura for this guy, again. Looks nice.

    Thanks for punning.

  2. I often make the same retort when the "weed police" get a bit too officious!

  3. lovely. might I suggest: " Where we all began."

    it's certainly true, no? xx Pritha

  4. Amazing textures in your pics. Such beauty. I've been monitoring the fig trees nearby too.

  5. Frank - punning: what can I say? I learn from my mentors...I love green figs. I love black figs. I love brown figs. I love...oh, God. I love figs.

    Dinahnow...yup. It's tricky. imagine weeding us. Rounding us Up. Organic soap control perhaps?

    But of course, Miss Pritha, you are correct. It was implied, but not well conveyed...Drinks-snacks?

    Mary-Laure - thank you. One can never have enough figs. Have been looking at your blog. Hmm. Makes me want to read Karen Blixen's letters again. And Safrican coke tastes better, too. Isn't it funny? Sugar.


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