As a freelancer I write about food, flowers, and plants you can eat - and a few other things, too. My steady gig right now is at Martha Stewart Living Digital. You can find all my garden-related writing via this link to Gardenista, and here are some the articles I have written (mostly for the Edible magazines), and images I have shot. 

10 Invasive Plant Species (Saveur)

Chanterelle Hunt

Sustainable Foraging

Sweetfern, an American Herb

3 Summer Greens

Get Pickled

The Story Behind the Shot

How Fermentation Saved One Woman's Stomach

Watercress, Watercress, Everywhere

Summer, Stoppered

66 Square Feet

Cocktails that Grow on Trees

Green Again

Your Urban Fall Crop Plan 

Delicacies Among the Leaf Litter

There Goes the Neighborhood

Burdock, the Vegetable in Plain Sight

Cherry Picker; Tasting Summer in Winter

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