Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Jersey strawberry

One of the farmers' market strawberries.

It just ain't right.

They warned me about Jersey.

I'm sure there is very good produce grown across the Hudson. Unfortunately these disturbingly large strawberries were rather tasteless. Juicy, not sweet. Disturbing.

I'll have to wait for the real ones. Un-greenhoused.* See comments.


  1. there are field grown strawberries in fact, there is a wonderful place just a few miles from my parents' house that started out as a farm stand to sell their berries, now have all sorts of veggies. The problem with greenhouse strawberries is they could be from anywhere in their blandness.

  2. These may be field berries....

    Early June is strawberry time in south Jersey. But, fertilizuh and foomigashun make for a bigguh berry.

  3. the very best of all are "sparkles". tiny and divine.

  4. Lisa, snicker.

    QC - these were bland, but huge.

    Frank - noted. I should have asked.

    Karen - sound good...I should have had my own Alpine ones this year but somehow it never happened. Space!

  5. That looks like 2 strawberries that ran into each other at about 200 Kph :)
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