Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Gowanus at the Brooklyn Public Library

Pic: Jose Gaytan

I hope you recognize the great green greasy Gowanus?

Jose Gaytan's photographs of the quintessentially urban Canal will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library in his show The Gowanus: Brooklyn in Transition, until August 29th. If I can make it out of work in time I will be going to see them this evening at the opening reception.

Kirstin's garden will be in some of the pictures!

Small blog world. Jose is the husband of Brooklyn Knithound. I like that...

To get there, take the 2 or 3 train to the Grand Army Plaza station.


  1. I like "serendity."
    And when you go, please tell Jose that this is a lovely shot.

  2. Serendipity. (cold fingers!)

  3. Dinahmow - would've if I'd seen him!

    Enjoyed the pictures, didn't see anyone. I was there just after 6...Doesn't a reception imply...dreenks? Maybe not in a Public Library?

  4. Hi Marie - did we miss seeing you?!
    The reception was downstairs and there was FOOD and DREENK. Ach!

  5. Lisa! I must have been blind!!! Was the Food and Dreenk in a room beyond the where the pictures were displayed? I just stayed in the main foyer with the photos. I am a fool. Maybe I was too early.

  6. I think you were early. The opening was from 6 - 8 but at 6:30 there was a little reception downstairs, in the foyer adjacent to their auditorium. All three artists made a quick thank you presentation and there was a drink table and a pretty amazing spread of food (way beyond the standard gallery fare...)
    I am SO SORRY to have missed you.
    I hope you enjoyed the pics.


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