Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer rain

I know this won't make me popular in this neck of the woods, but I wouldn't mind a couple more crashing thunderstorms. I look forward to walking home in the rain, feet out of my slippery flip- flops, clean water rushing through the streets, feet bare in street streams.


  1. We're supposed to have storms here this afternoon, though the sun is shining gloriously in a blue sky at the moment. A rare sight. Too bad I'm at work.

    I used to love walking barefoot on the rainy sidewalks in Providence when I lived there, and always looked forward to seeing storms over the water.

  2. Mmmm, I love a good thunderstorm too, especially those that come after a heavily charged atmosphere and a strange yellow light in the sky. Not so sure about the walking barefoot in the streets though....

  3. Hm, if that's a picture of rain, we sure have different rain over here... But I generously grant you all the rain you want - before I get there. ;-)

  4. Rain is granted, maybe this evening.

    I get thirsty seeing all that cumulonimbo moisture pumping into the stratosphere.


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