Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking back in hunger

Some meals for me from last week:

Above, the best one, in bed.

A rather large pork chop, marinated in yoghurt and oregano, with mashed potatoes drizzled with truffle oil and lots of snipped terrace chives.

Lamb and rice-stuffed vine leaves with avgolemono sauce.

Shopping. The Half and Half was for the cat, who was ecstatic. New, soft gem squash from the farmers' market, young garlic, berries, brown baguette from Sahadi's (still hot)...etc.

The green garlic risotto.

Chicken curry.

Finishing up with right-sized strawberries.


  1. The dolma are particularly tempting...

  2. Marie, just out of curiosity... has your vet ever said Estorbo should not be drinking any milks? all the vets I've seen in the past for my cats have said it is the cause of most of the urinary problems ...especially in neutered male cats...

  3. Bumblevee - a good question.
    In Storbie's case the problem seems to be caused by one thing: not enough water. The minute his water intake is up he's fine - I dicsoverd this some years ago. But with his recent switch (now unswitched) to wet food I gave him far less water. Boom! Problem returned. He gets just under a quarter cup with his dry food, twice a day. It seems to keep his pH and peeing just fine. I think the same method might help all cats. He gets milk very occasionally...


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