Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York Roof Garden

Sometimes roof gardens don't seem to be about gardens, too much. Not at this stage.

(Above, the ipe deck going in. Styrofoam pads to be replaced by plastic pedestals.) These roof gardens are about load-bearing. And engineers. And deadlines. And long-suffering neighbours. And the dance of stone masons, contractors, carpenters, architects. Irrigation experts. Electricians.

Did I mention deadlines? In this case construction on the actual apartment has gone way (think years) over its limit and the garden, coming in last, has to hustle to get in before irate neighbours self- implode or start pointing telescopic rifles at anyone wearing a hardhat...

I have heard that miracles happen. So maybe, in a week, this will be cleared out so that our plants and soil can arrive. Think 700 bags. Under this water tower will go a little greenroof, of waving Japanese ribbon grass.

Above, carpenters installing planters

Just another day at the office.


  1. very exciting! you have a great job.

  2. what a staggering amount of work that must be, hauling all of those materials up to the roof.

  3. I'm sure we could rationalize this chaos through quantum physics...

  4. Brings me back.

    Exciting though. And good to display how much work goes into these things!

  5. Hi, this is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind if I used one of the pictures, credited to you, and posted about this on my site?

  6. Hey Chris - as long as you link back, that's A-OK...

  7. This project looks really exciting! Roof gardens would not only add to the aesthetic beauty, but it also has a good effect on the environment. Some examples are improving the drainage system, reducing the heat island effect.

    Mary Martin


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