Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green space

A quick fix for a bare spot...I bought some tall green Nicotiana langsdorfii yesterday at GRDN. Retail therapy was needed. The Russians are coming, and I became insecure about the terrace, looking at it with a jaundiced, post-May-roses eye.

The Russians are Olga and Elena, and their RTVi crew, making an episode or maybe episodes about New York roof gardens. They found 66 Square Feet and we met on Friday to talk about possibilities. I did my best not to fall into my Russian accent, assumed occasionally to make Vince weak at the knees. I think the Russians will be a great asset for the Communist Party, tentatively planned for later this year, to celebrate citizenship and birthdays and husbands and blogging friends. Comrade.

Anyway, there will be an interview in the 66 square feet, as well as a crew shadowing visits to some roof gardens already in existence, and some in the making.

Sprucing up was needed. The climbing Iceberg rose is looking sad, post severe blackspot, and I know it wants to go into some real, deep soil. When we move later this year, will it come with us? All depends on what we find to rent. And that is a mission, Finding the Right Place. It must have outdoor space, and I would love a roof, but we will have to see what is available.

It will be hard, and sad to leave this little terrace and sunny apartment, but the noisy neighbours who crash around in the wee hours of the morning are making it a lot easier to get ready to leave.

It will be exciting looking at neighbourhoods together. The flavors of each are unique and sometimes subtly different. One has things to consider such as aspect, light, garden space, space- for-friends-to-eat-together (priority), view, subway, sunsets, shops...Atlantic Avenue has spoiled me completely. How do I leave Sahadi's??? Maybe I won' t need to.

We shall see.


  1. That sounds great. Too bad they're coming in a NY July. Motivation to find those annuals. Maybe they get a bad rap.

  2. How exciting about the impending Roosian visit! Please don't make yourself crazy feeling insecure about 66 Square's a remarkable example of what can be done with a lot of hard work in a very small space...

    Hope you and Vince can find the ideal place to live right there in your favorite neighborhood.

  3. Perhaps, a DUMBO tent? Well, you are now an experienced camper!

  4. I hope you plan on remaining in Brooklyn!!
    Very cool on the Russian TV expose


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