Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday evening in increments

6.16pm, above Forsyth Street.

6.17pm, the Median on East Houston.
6.18, the Median in the middle...

6.18pm, over Orchard Street, and the not so Lower East Side.

8.06pm, from the terrace, looking toward Jersey.


8.34pm, looking north east over downtown Brooklyn.





  1. Nice Mammatus.

    I wasn't sure all of NY could see it.

  2. Lol...and I thought you were getting a bit fresh!

    I had to look it up. Cool!

  3. Fresh puns, right from the vine.

  4. Stunning shots! :-)

    You were extremely lucky to see these mammatus, it's not a common occurrence - I've always hoped to see them but never have.

    I had to go back and dig into my college memories, and after a second thought, they might already have been classified back then, but not as a cloud family in itself since the phenomena can occur around different kinds of clouds (i.e. the anvil of a cumulonimbus, altocumulus, etc...) So I stand corrected.

  5. My colleague Toast says that his Mum calls those clouds "muistĂȘtte".

  6. Wow. I don't have that word in my Oxford dictionary but get the picture. I see that cloud formation every now and then and usually it means there is going to be hail. But without the colour which was spectacular

  7. Lovely pics.Haven't seen these for ages..maybe not so common along the coast?

  8. Thanks for this gorgeous record. Totally amazing.

  9. Beence - I've never seen them. They were stunning...

    Coz! That's so funny. Tell Toast those must've been pretty big mice! Wat vir niks skrik nie...

    Hen...two family members in the comments, wow! Huh - I wonder what time of year you see them...summer?

    Dinahmow - apparently not common at all. But we're coast, too.

    Thanks, Amarilla. Wild weather = fun.

  10. i have some too! need to edit--i am lazy...yours are gorgeous--i love how you always seem to be outside...


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