Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bokbaai vygies in Nieuwoudtville

I would like to be there, with my mom, in these weeks, though I am not sure whether spring is on cue at the moment in Namaqualand. Some years are better than others, and the one pictured here was wonderful.

Here are some links to posts I wrote then - in honour of spring in South Africa, happening now - about spring flowers in Namaqualand. There are plenty of pictures.

Cape Town to Patatsfontein - city to wide open plains
Patatsfontein - a house on a hill with a view
Karoo to Clanwilliam - leaving Marijke's place
N7 to Kamieskroon - arriving at Kamieskroon
Springbok and Goegap - fields of flowers and bottle of bubbly
Kamieskroon, Leliefontein and Skilpad - driving through flowers and eating biltong scones
Kamieskroon to Nieuwoudtville - the bulb capital of the world and braaied sausages
Where to stay in Nieuwoudtville - many choices, but choose Swiss Villa


  1. So many memories for me, too.
    I have never been to SA, but, of course, all our bulbs were from there and, when I was a small, many packets had pictures.I was charmed to learn the meaning of Bloemfontein!

  2. this was the first plant I every grew. We moved into a farmhouse and there was a coal bucket on the stoop with dried out flowers. I just happened to water them and when they bloomed, I was enthralled!

    Now, I live where we don't always have enough sun to enjoy the blooms.



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