Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blogger issues

On a blogging note, I am aware that Blogger seems to be have been having several issues lately: I am getting an Error 503 message almost every day, meaning that the server is not available, which is annoying if I am trying to post or to refresh a page. RSS feeds are sometimes not being updated in blogs readers follow, so new posts do not show up either on their dashboards or on blogs where they are included on a blog roll; thirdly, comments also are not showing up, once entered.

Someone in the Blogger Help forum suggested that the 503 appeared after the new Stats feature appeared on the Blogger dashboard. Anyone else concur?

The upside is that Blogger is still a free, fast blogging platform, and improvements are being made all the time So thanks, Google.

The downside is that known issues can take - in some cases- years to fix. In Edit mode I still can't do a search within my posts for something specific.I get the good old bX-l44ctw error message in response.

Wasn't this an exciting post? Better to come...


  1. I've had the same problem with Blogger all week, too. I thought it was just specific to me as I'm using an air card which makes uploading extremely slow. Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

  2. Isn't 503 the HTTP code when a server/site is overloaded with too many visitors? We just keep on reading what you write, I guess it is the price of fame...
    Still not fun.

  3. I've been having the same problem with blogger. It's definitely frustrating.

  4. Anyes, I wish (or do I?) - but it's a Blogger glitch. It needs to be feexed!


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