Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In the month or so before Vince and I decided to meet, which was about a month after we first met online in blogs, we exchanged a lot of photographs. We also snooped like mad on each other's websites and all over the Internet for anything the other might have forgotten to disclose. We talked on the phone, Vancouver to New York. We made videos. I have always hated to be photographed, so making a video of myself was a big, big step. I just watched it, and watched his, thinking I might post them, but I can't. I don't think either of us wanted to be caught by surprise. I was terrified of being a disappointment and I was equally terrified that the chemistry of our emails (epics), phone calls, videos, would not hold up in person.

But the minute I saw the tall man walking out of a door at Newark International, the minute I touched his hand, I knew. There was a gentleness and an innate strength in this man that I never wanted to lose. I knew that everything would be OK.

That was three years ago today.

The picture above? That was a clincher. It was studied in detail. Analysed by friends, staring at the computer. Anybody who could do that, who could think like that, was tops. It was funny, it was supple, it was accomplished, it was free. I fell in love.

And I haven't fallen out.


  1. As I posted over on Vince's blog, this is my favorite of "How we met" stories both on and off the Internet.

    Many more happy years to you both.

  2. Ok, let's divert the public's focus to a more interesting part of the photo... Look at that beach! Doesn't anybody want to know where it hides?


  3. Glory B! A man that can do that is certainly worth a closer look-see!! What a gorgeous, romantic story. Keep falling deeper!x

  4. Wonderful! Vince, I can't see properly - was that a backbend or a flickflack? Either way - it's impressive!

  5. Congratulations on your meet cute 3 years ago.

    You're bloglands lovely couple.

    xo Jane

  6. congratulations on your bliss. and for sharing it with the world. it's good stuff.

  7. Three great years, I'm sure. Baie geluk.
    Can the Frenchie cook? If so, then 10/10. Tall, French and can cook. What more can a girl ask for?
    Your story is very romantic. Keep up the good work.

  8. September 21st is a great day for an anniversary. :) Happy one to you!

  9. Happy three years together, Marie and Vince! Falling for each other ... such a beautiful way to mark the start of fall.


  10. And OK, Beence ... where's the beach?

  11. Yes, I commented at Vince's blog.
    But hey! You can never celebrate love too often, so hooray! again.

  12. Thank you, everyone! We had a delicious celebratory dinner.

    Marijke - back bend vs flick flack...um, hang on:

    Vince (and you must say this with a French accent) says it is a 'flip flap' preceeded by a 'rondade'...?

    Petro - ons werk aan die kookkuns, maar basies, nee :-)

  13. What a wonderful story! you are both so very lucky to have found each other and i wish you many years of health and happiness together! the picture is great fun, too :)

  14. "Look at that beach! Doesn't anybody want to know where it hides?"

    I do, it looks stunning, empty and unspoiled ....

  15. Is the beach "Point of Sand" maybe? Even if not, man it sure looks like it. I loved that spot!
    Happy anniversary to mine two favorite online bloggers ! :)

  16. Thank you, everyone.

    And we had most delicious dinner at Raoul's with a yummy Gigondas and lots of big talk.

    Kat is correct! Point O'Sands, Little Cayman.

  17. Wonderful legs!

    congratulations pour cette belle histoire.


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