Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy terrace

On a rainy the day the Pat Austin opened her first real rose bloom of the year - as wide as my hand outspread, far better than the flower that won the blue ribbon a few weeks ago at the Farm City Fair. She just hates the heat, and cooler, kinder days have seen the set of big, multiple buds on long, long stems.

We were under another tornado watch, but just saw a lot of skylight-drumming rain.

Early this evening the sun came out and dried up all the rain (and yes, I was besieged by spiders on the roof farm).

Something about the weather and wind, perhaps, made the jets approaching La Guardia adopt a new final approach route, roaring over us every couple of minutes, very exciting.

And a new set of Men tortured us in the pauses between rain showers to drill and dig and cut tar. Last week it was a private sewer company. This week it's Con Edison, our electricity provider. It's noisier than I can say. And far noisier than I can think.

But the plants didn't seem to mind.

I took eight strawberry plants to the roof and planted them in the vacated green pepper pot. I now have a dozen green peppers to cook. Walnut sauce coming up.

The constant reproduction of the strawberries is a kind of tyranny. They won't stop. I am very curious about how they will survive the roof.

And finally, a rather ratty, volunteered autumn clematis, climbing up the New Dawn.

It's almost October.


  1. Please please post what to do with a ton of green peppers!

  2. Ah, you got our rain. Rose is beautiful, can just about smell it...

  3. Pat's English so she loves the rain! I've been singing the praises of the Austin roses on my blog too, they are wonderful.x

  4. Frank, working on it!

    Jane - I'll waft the scent south, you kidnappee, you...

    Belinda - off to have look see.

  5. I'm going to spill on over here, no please have the drink, have one for me too.

    I have lived a colorful life. And I seem to be liking pork tonight.

    What did you have for dinner?

  6. Jane - No, that's fine - parties need to expand...

    Anyway, you and me both. You're a husband ahead.

    Sausages! 2 = Berkshire pug..sorry, pig flavour, 2 =Brooklyn beef and herbs, 2 rejected chorizo (too smoky after the others), with kartoffelsalat with roof greens. And a cheap but cold white whine from Savoie, made from Jacquere grapes, hitherto never heard of before. By me. And fried onions!


  7. Party continues.

    Say what you will about us, but never say we're vegans.

    Your husband #2 sounds like a keeper. xo J.

  8. The rose looks gorgeous! The strawberries and their rampant offspring remind me of that "Amish Friendship bread" where you have to keep adding flour to keep the starter going, but you also have to keep dividing it and giving it away...until (at least in my case) you're sick and tired of the stuff and run out of friends to foist it off onto...

    *lol* wv=anger


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