Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the roof

The lush, microgreen lawn this afternoon.

Snipped for dinner.

The basket, carried down in my teeth. No, I still haven't rigged up the rope and basket. Maybe I like living on the edge.

Tomato and green(s) salad. I dressed it with EV olive oil, salt and pepper, nothing more. Enjoyed tonight with braaied beef spare ribs, marinated in mustard, summer savoury, and Worcestershire Sauce with a little brown sugar, cooked outside under a black, bright sky with a nip in the air. With oven-roasted broccoli and garlic slivers.

You know I'm working my way up to fried green tomatoes, right? This afternoon's snack.

I'm about to eat an Edie's pomegranate fruit bar on a stick - I'm hooked. Vince loves the lime. My other loved one is pineapple. No, this is not a paid advertisement. I am a fruitbat and I love frozen fruit, too, so it's a perfect sweet treat for after dinner.

From the terrace next door I can hear gurgling laughter. Nice. Inside, the cat is asleep on an orange chair and we just saw fireworks over the water in New Jersey. What are they always celebrating in New Jersey?

More is nog 'n dag.

(Afrikaans idiom. Tomorrow is another day)
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