Monday, September 13, 2010

Flowers that bloom in fall

Actaea racemosa "Atropurpurea". 

At AOL's Shelterpop blog my list of flowers for fall is up. Some lovely plants with lovely pictures.

No more mums! No more mums!

(That's chrysanthemums, to you lot across the pond and beyond)

I jest, sort of. I actually like chrysanthemums, especially when they are allowed to naturalize elegantly. And I love the season that they have come to embody. What I dislike is the fall monoculture of artificial-looking, forced balls that suddenly pop up in otherwise barren seas of mulch or stuck like petrified pom-poms in between the shrubs. It's as if fall arrives and we all rush like lemmings to the nearest box store chanting, "Must have mums! Must have mums!"

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