Saturday, September 11, 2010


So. No heirloom corn pozole with happy free range pig will be served at the Farm City Fair (or 'stupid farm fair' as it's been dubbed in these parts) thanks to x, y and a lot of z, but I will be making little bunches of flowers and a basket of vegetables (fruit, really - and if eggplant and squash and peppers and tomatoes are technically fruit, I can include strawberries, right? Right!) for the blue ribbon competition. I don't have a chance, but I love the idea.

I would have liked to have submitted some canned or bottled goods, notably my bread and butter pickles made at the height of the roof cucumber glut, not to mention the essence of June berries from Brooklyn Bridge Park preserved in Calvados. But it's a new fair, so no category for these.

Frank, let's work on that King's County thing, OK?

The pozole, cooking today, after the preparation of the hominy and slow-roasting of the pig, will be eaten in Red Hook (or is it Carroll Gardens - shifting border) - near or in the Summit Street Community Garden, by Christina, the corn's grower, her partner Stephanie, their son Huck, and Vince and me. With sloshes of Shiraz to help it go down.


  1. What!? After all that work no category for posole? An outrage.

  2. Ha! What would it take? Seems step atatime.

    The meal sounds delicious.

  3. Sounds like the pozole will be eaten by those who will truly appreciate it!

  4. Hi Marie

    Lashings of Shiraz sounds like the way forward.

    I love pork. They have a cut out here called 'echine'. It's perfect. Just the right amount of fat/meat ratio and you can cut it with a spoon, assuming it's left to rest for a good time and other such gastronaut stuff.

    I wonder, those June berries preserved in calvados, D'you think I could preserve myself if a bottle was put in front of me? I mean, static for eternity courtesy of a Norman stiff drink.



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