Wednesday, September 1, 2010

G & T

Even though it is September, it took me till the end of August to invest in some gin. So my first G&T's of the northern hemisphere summer came late in the season. It was a combination of caterpillar stress and the power of suggestion - thank you, Melanie. All that talk in your comments of peach gin fizzes got me riled up.

The cucuzza is still flowering beautifully and I have three of the gourds/squash growing. Two shriveled up, probably too hot on the roof. I'll be going up to check for more caterpillars, and to plant some more greens.

My crowing about cooler weather paid off by giving us a late summer blast of heat. Never, ever, tempt fate.


  1. Worse than that, it got you Earl headed your way on Friday. Good luck to the roof farm.

  2. A tad off-topic, but you might find this interesting.

  3. and did you also call up the hurricane . . ? Watch yourself Wooman, clearly you don't know your own strength. (although -- fingers crossed -- it's beginning to look as though Earl will pass by without stopping in.)


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