Friday, September 24, 2010

Atlantic Antic

This Sunday, September 26.

From 4th Avenue to Hicks in Brooklyn, making it an easy two block trot from our door. Once on Atlantic, no more trotting. The thing has become so big that slow oozing is the only way to move. But ooze we will. Luckily La Mancha's sardines are really close to home, with nice cold beer next door from the Chip Shop. La Mancha serves sangria - not bad, either.

I see the Red Hook Lobster Pound will have a stand, though I think our budget accommodates sardines better. I am still looking for that schwarma of yore, though. Ate it three years in a row, then poof, gone. It was made from real, roasted leg of lamb with a yogurty, spicy, fragrant, dripping, I-suspect-Yemeni sauce...Maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

Many New York Street fairs are the same old recycled grilled corn, fatty fried pastries and sweet sausage of unknown provenance. This one is different.

If you can deal with the ooze, come on down.


  1. I'd love to ooze...I'm coming!
    Just kidding' Have a wonderful time :-)

  2. Hmmm...a trans-Pacific ooze, then a continental ooze...
    What time does it close?


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