Friday, September 24, 2010


What to do when one has good-looking beets:

There is an updated borscht recipe next door at (the Food), thanks to a query from Ellen.

My favourite New York borscht is served at Veselka (though I still can't forgive them or the city for affording the renewed city lease that saw the closing of Pierre Reveillez's perfect sandwiches at Le Kiosk with its unstrained Frenche cafe vibe).

Anyway, their borscht,  strong, hearty, rich. My version is perhaps rather heretical (fennel? juniper berries?), but it really does taste pretty good.

And no, it does not have sweet potatoes (yams) and apples in it! Although...the apples might work.


  1. Had a flash-back chuckle at this...years ago(in flatting days)we had some leftover borscht;about enough for 2 small eaters. A friend arrived with a baguette. Still a bit short so we added some stewed apple and a couple of pulped tomatoes and stretched it to make lunch!

  2. What an interesting blog you have! So glad to have just kind of happened upon it!
    Please come and visit me at mine - It's about St. Nicholas!


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