Saturday, September 4, 2010


I went to market and came back with:

Fat red tomatoes, red peppers, tiny yellow pears, Concord grapes...

As well as:

Head-on shrimps, sea bream, branzino, red snapper, cockles.

Duck livers, chicken livers, beef marrow bones and a duckling.

Now I am poor.


  1. Roses below are so gorgeous. I've written both names down for next year's gardening plans. merci !

  2. Are you using freezer or are we eating all this weekend?

  3. I'm not surprised!
    What happened to Earl?

  4. Belinda..well, mostly :-)

    Susan - they are both David Austins, and the pink is especially reliable (here, at least!)...

    Jane, well, it is a looooong weekend :-)

    dinahmow - Earl was a damp squib.

  5. Sounds like bouillabaisse, delicious, labor intensive bouillabaisse. Sigh.

  6. Awesome! Happy Cooking!

    Wow, what a great price for Sunflowers! $1 a stem!!

  7. we just don't get food like this out here in the country...where it's grown! Is branzino what our fish supplier calls bronzini? haven't had the guts to order a fish i'm completely unfamiliar with...


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