Wednesday, September 15, 2010

After the storm

We had a September thunderstorm yesterday. I was going to plant seeds on the roof but scuttled back inside with lightning flashing over my head. It makes me jump. The air was quite cold afterwards and then the sunset bled out just between horizon and clouds in the west, even lighting up the big clouds in the east, beyond downtown Brooklyn.


  1. Marie, Photographs of fiery skies always make me want to be a painter ;-)

  2. i love your blog. It is surreal to read your everyday life from France. Merci.

  3. Ah! So you had the storm. Here in NJ we only had a cloudy sky. CNN had pictures of the Empire State antenna getting hit by lightening, so it is good you went inside!


  4. Waar is die Hoƫveld? Ons kry selde goeie donderweer hier.

  5. Anyes! So be a painter! :-) It is the doing that makes you the ...thing.

    There has to be a better way to express that. %)

    Delphine - merci beaucoup...I would find reading about your everyday French life just as surreal, I think.

    Hola Maria - wow! Good thing Vincent quit working there :-)

    jvdh - ja, ons is gelukkig. Die Kaap was bra boring na die Vrystaat, en nou het ek weer donderweer. Ek is mal daaroor. Solank ek binne is.


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