Thursday, September 9, 2010


...(the basics) is up on AOL's Shelterpop.


  1. I used to compost. This is a good reminder for me to begin again.

  2. Excellent - thank you Marie!

    Please may I send this article on to the Constantia Valley Garden Club. And may I put it up on the Cape Horticultural Society's Flower and Garden Show Notice board at our next Show in Sept 2011?

  3. cool. are those worm castings in the worm photo?

  4. Lily H - yay, it's good stuff...

    Lyn, of course! By Sept. '11 new ways of composting may have been discovered :-)

    donna, yes, they are. Those were happy oithwoims.

  5. Nice story in praise of compost! I need to post a picture of my slightly-failed compost heap...has not been stirred or watered enough to get hot, so has an avocado seedling growing out of the middle of it *g*


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