Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roof crop

Greens, not too micro any more. We will eat the first batch on Monday, with the chicken and duck liver terrine I made tonight.

Peppers, for rouille.

Green peppers for...who would like some green peppers? I have a vague memory of a recipe for them in Like Water For Chocolate, but I gave the book away, thinking I would not read it again. With pomegranate seeds?


A flying caterpillar!

An eggplant. We met someone today, because of eggplant...tomorrow.

The portrait.

Tomorrow I pick all the cherry tomatoes. There are so many. Not sure if I can carry them down in their containers in my teeth without spilling (this is how all crops travel down the ladder, or in pockets, but that's dangerous, with squish-potential).


  1. one of these folding baskets might help avoid squishing whilst with carting bounty . . . ?

  2. I'm so jealous that you have red peppers. My peppers are taking forever to turn color.

  3. Like water for Chocolate? I saw the movie but never read the book and it's the second time today I am reading this title...
    Guess who is going to the library on Tuesday?

  4. Maybe you should get a bucket/basket with a rope tied to it, to lower the crop down the trap door...

  5. Buckets on a string, worn around the neck?? Or would that just be dangerous/neuralgia producing?!

  6. Chillies in walnut sauce is the recipe you remember. Chillies stuffed with all sorts of nuts and fruit and garnished with the pomegranate seeds.
    Tita had to shell 1000 nuts (very tedious!) so I don't think I would race out get another copy of the book just for that recipe!!!!!!!!

  7. The Mexican cherry tomato you gave me has been a champion this summer. I'm going to take down the tomatoes this weekend but MM insists I leave the Mexican; it's the only one still going strong.

  8. I believe that that caterpillar is a hornworm and he'll eat a tomato plant down to a stem in a half-day. They are so pretty that I hate to kill them, so I capture any I find in my garden and put them in a little cage with water and tomato leaves. They poop like crazy, so in a few days the cage is full of very beautiful little 3-lobed poop balls (sorry...). Then I toss everything into my compost pile and bury him under the rotting compost. Is that animal cruelty? Hope not.

  9. Blogger ate my response to everybody, I'm sorry!

    String plus basket is excellent idea - it shall be adopted...Dankie, Ansie.

    Thanks for remembering the recipe, Julienne -

    Hi Pam! - indeed, it's been a saga. he's a tobacco hornworm

    3-sided poop?!

  10. Your greens look! I like the idea of a basket and rope, too, although my thought was a backpack with one or more of those green plastic berry baskets to protect the cherry tomatoes. I didn't remember that pepper recipe from Like Water for Chocolate!...but love stuffed green peppers of a more ordinary kind and also just sauteeing them with lots of onions and add some spicy italian sausage.


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