Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lobster roll

The Red Hook Lobster Pound raised the bar - and the price - of street fair food at the Atlantic Antic, and their team worked like clockwork: did it right, and did it fast. It was probably worth every dollar. 

Actually I didn't see the price displayed but assume it was the $14 they charge from their storefront in Red Hook, where we've eaten their rolls before. One hot buttered, one cold lobster salad.

Pictured here are the hot buttered version. Note the airborne butter in the first picture.

And here the cold version, layed on a bed of slaw.

Lovingly filed with mayonnaise-y lobster meat.

And topped with paprika.

Curious about the lobster roll's history, which is fuzzy. Apparently it evolved as a way of making use of the useless legs and (then?)-useless claw meat. Filling them with tail meat seems hedonistic to purists. Accounts for the price, too. Anyone have some early lobster roll documentation?

If I had lots of lobster legs I'd make some very good bisque...


  1. buttered one looks good. I don't eat mayo. Apparently there is conflict over the history, salad vs. butter, but always a top split hot dog bun.

    Personally, I think its tourism food from the early part of the 20th. Abundant Lobster, easy to eat walking.

  2. If I could have one for lunch I would be happy to do some research immediately following swallowing.

  3. I like the checkered wrappers!

    And you might find this interesting

  4. I love lobster rolls. These look divine!

  5. My mouth is watering just looking at this. One hot buttered please!

  6. I did it again...Reading about food when going to bed. Lobster dreams, I guess, yummy!!!

  7. Ayuh, the authentic ones are made on a hotdog bun!

  8. Mimi, those are hot dog buns, top split direct from Maine. That is the authentic way to prepare them.

  9. I was curious about Mimi's 'ayuh'...


    It seems, she was agreeing that those buns are authentic :-)

  10. marie--NICE lobster roll pics! you can eat these AND take pictures of them every week if you come to the brooklyn flea ;)

  11. yummmmmm! i was actually more curious about where the expression "lobster pound" came from...guess it was an impoundment of freshly caught lobstahs?


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