Saturday, September 15, 2007

N7 to Kamieskroon - Day 4

On the N7 north to Kamieskroon - this mountain features in Day 7 as well. We didn't recognize it from the opposite direction and in different light!

Ditch flowers

The town of Garies and its butcher.

More veld, interrupted.

Kamieskroon Hotel

Herrea blanda...

Felicia australis

Lapeirousia silenoides - picture the veldt packed with these...

Lebeckia cytisoides


  1. Do I read this correctly on the road signs?

    "Toeriste Inligting"

    ROTFL. I'm going to go inlight in few tourists today... ;-))))

  2. Clever you...Inligting is information in Afrikaans!

    Lucky bloody toursits....

  3. Beautiful pics - Marie. Feel like hitting the road myself for a couple of days...solo....that would be heaven


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