Saturday, September 15, 2007

Springbok and Goegap - Day 5

On the road to Nababeep...

Above, the view from the Lodge at the Goegap Nature Reserve outside Springbok.

Below, by way of explanation, I've stolen a bit from a letter to a Canadian...

"We parked in the middle of the trail so as not to squash any of the flowers that grow thickly right to the edge of the track, popped some pink Moet my dad had packed for us (the Landcruiser has a teeny fridge where a bottle can fit), and ate some sandwiches that the hotel had made. We were deep into our flower books when I glanced up, bubbly in hand and noticed three 4 x 4’s queued quietly up behind us, smack on our tail. I have no idea how long they were there, patiently, not hooting, not trying to pass (no one wants to squash flowers), but I switched on, threw the champagne at my mother to hold, and pulled over. We felt like schoolchildren caught smoking behind the bicycle shed. Drinking AND squashing flowers! Everyone just smiled and waved and drove on. Weird."


  1. Love the shot of the car delicately stopped over the row of white flowers, like kids stick their tongue out in concentration not to step on something... ;-))


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