Monday, September 3, 2007

Sunday at a Glance

My last terrace breakfast before SA, with Estorbito, note his (warm!) milk right front...

All the crazy grass and some unsuccessful gladioli I decided to pull out. Not an unimpressive pile, for 66 square feet...

One of the two "rescue boxwoods" I adopted a while ago, getting a haircut. They are much happier now, and think they will stay here. They were seriously abused, before.

All through breakfast, this one of three pink Abraham Derby roses perfumed the whole terrace with a sweet, lemony, very rose-y scent. It almost seemed to be coming from the sunlight...It was lovely. I can't help adoring roses.

Estorbo climbed right into a pot before I pulled the grass out, flattened a lot of stuff and then fell asleep, standing.

Next stop, far south, far east, Cape Town. My heart on two continents...


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