Friday, September 14, 2007

Kamieskroon to Nieuwoudtville - Day 7

Doring River dropping rapidly just outside Nieuwoudtville

Mountain with no name (Guy, are you there? Can you help??) outside Vanrhynsdorp and guarding the Knersvlakte at its foot...

Yes, me in the flowers, again outside Nieuwoudtville near Matjiesfontein. Yes, I know I have a shiny forehead...

Lapeirousia jacquinii in a daisy field. No, I cannot, nay, shall not, ID the daises. There are too bloody many.

Um..Red Grass? It's pretty! This outside the cottage where my mom and I stayed last year, and where we pushed all the furniture up against the door at night. We had such fond memories that we had to return to check it out...Just proves that sometimes the hard times can be the best.

These look like they were designed for the Duchess of Windsor in the Egyptian style via Art Deco...amazing paint job: Sparaxis elegans, growing on the farm Matjiesfontein.

Bokbaai vygies like jewels on the main street of Nieuwoudtville. I asked an old lady's permission to take a picture.

Outside the waterfall were some ladies selling the local hotdog:

Above, No. 1 - a potjie with wors.

No. 2 - roosterkoek.

No. 3 - worsbroodjie for me...


  1. Love the Sparaxis elegans, they look like flowers out of a Walt Disney cartoon...

  2. Marie, to the best of my knowledge the mountain is Matsikamma, or also called Gifberg by the locals.


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