Saturday, September 29, 2007

Green Bean Salad

Last night was one of those I'd-better-see-what's-in-the fridge nights.

I found:

French beans. Half a red onion. Kalamata olives. Organic bacon. A head of funnel. Bulb of fennel just sounds...wrong. Some radishes. And I had parsley on the terrace.

So I blanched the beans for a few minutes in salted boiling water. While that was happening I cooked the bacon till crisp and drained it on kitchen paper. Sliced the radishes in thin halfmoons (appearance is everything), thinly sliced the fennel, ditto the onion, took the parsley leaves off their stalks. Parsley, radishes and fennel went into a bowl. Broke the bacon, 6 rashers, into pieces and added. Tossed the hot beans on top, with the olives. Dribbled a capful of olive oil, sprinkled salt and pepper and a bit of brown sugar and shook over some red wine vinegar. Then tossed it with my hands to blend properly...

I served it to myself with some toasted baguette over which I had rubbed a garlic clove. I may
also have wiped the bacon pan with it first...



  1. Hmm, I'm surprised you didn't find red dijon mustard in there... You might want to check with Estorbo if he knows how to open the fridge...

  2. Sounds lovely! I've gone through the trouble this weekend of making interesting food for non-foodies. That's not really a fun thing to do. Alas, a crazy Italian lasagna, a lip-smacking brunch (slow scrambled eggs with aged scamorza, sauteed mushrooms, and a couple thick strips of bacon), and my new favorite: Chicken Roll (this time I pounded the poor chicken flat and into submission and rolled up some basil leaves and aged scamorza - I'm digging that cheese). Tonight the guests get their way - we're ordering pizza. I can't wait for Monday and a lunch with Marie. :-)

  3. Hi Beence...

    Estorbo has been making himself litlte mustard sandwiches for days...

    Chrees: Poor Baby...I can't wait to hear you say scamorza out loud. Food for people with clothtongues is just soul-destroying. At least you could vent on the chicken.

    By the way, I sat on your..oh God, I can't say it. Ok - your bouncy thing, earlier...

  4. Estorbo - have no fear, I have the latin tongue and can roll my scamorza quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

    Hmmm...people are always sitting on my bouncy thing. It's just something I've had to get used to. :-)


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