Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random as Jetlag

Until my body clock has sorted itself out the posts here may be a bit more disjointed than usual...A total of 20 hours on two planes with thirty WWE wrestlers, their handlers and bimbettes will do that to you. But I'm in Constantia at last. Very wet, very cool.

My mom took an action shot of me being besieged by the corgi puppies, better known as the Poopies. Their names are Maggie and Ted. I prefer to call Ted, Theodore (he's quite serious), and I'm still thinking of something for Maggie.

A car window picture outside Constantia Village, the local shopping center - arum lilies for sale. They are everywhere on open ground and in vleis (swamps). The tall yellow things are what South Africans like to call robots, the rest of the world, traffic lights. Opening your window at an intersection is considered risky behaviour, too...

The greenbelt in front of my parents' house, and home to lots of arums, too. Hm. None in the picture. More tomorrow, maybe. Exercise for people, dogs and horses...about 4 km long.

Yes, another car picture, in town, with a cloud-shrouded Table Mountain behind.

Not exactly what one would consider a late winter, early spring picture (but it's cold, I promise). The garden beyond the pool, which I replanted last December. I'm very happy with the tree fern, which is at last getting enough to drink.

My mom's lachenalia's - indigenous bulbs grown from seed.

Dinner at home tonight, which I must go and attend to: shrimp and fennel salad to start; roast chickens in white wine with tons of garlic and thyme, potato gratin, roast brussels sprouts (I LIKE them), big green salad, and a tart/flan-thing of pâte sablée that I made earlier with caramelized apples on top, baked with a faraway Frenchie in mind. Yum.

Read that any way you like...


  1. We only had one dinner date for the whole of September, and you choose the same night for your dinner party? So, off to Michael's 30th birthday we go!

    Enjoy the trip!

  2. The last photo I saw of Theodore & Maggie they were tiny - they've grown so much! How cute!

  3. 20 hours on two planes. A dream! Some people have all the luck. ;-)

  4. Guy and Jay- the Universe gave you a birthday party for a it!

    I'll come and kuier soon...

    Senor Simian, where did you have lunch today??

    And Canada...I licked my plate clean...

    What gutter???

  5. Glad to hear you've arrived safely - and great homecoming pics! I know what you mean about the joys of air travel accompanied by very large sportsmen. When I flew back to London on a night flight from Cape Town in April 2006, I was stuck right in the middle of the British army rugby squad. Of course, that might be some people's idea of heaven. Er, not mine . . .

    Have a fabulous time.


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