Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nieuwoudtville, Kamieskroon, Goegap

...or Fences I Have Known

I like fences. Perversely, perhaps, because they interrupt the landscape. The infinity of the fences by the long roadsides appeals to me, and the rough, ugly barbed wire versus the relentless or pure space. The idea of fences (offences?) too. Protection, division, separation, invitation, vacillation- in terms of the idiom; trespass, promise, threat. And doors in fences....very nice. Crossing over, through, joining, traveling, going out, coming in. Coming Home.

Outside the house Katstert, at Nieuwoudtville

On the way to the farm Skilpad, before Kamieskroon

N7, heading south

N7, heading north

Outside Goegap, near Springbok

In Nieuwoudtville

On Skilpad


  1. Hmm, an essay on fences... Nice. I, of course, like the last picture best.

    "... Encircled you in trenches and barbed wire,
    Then let me build a bridge..."

  2. I like the name of the house Katstert. I wonder what happened to the Kat and his stert?

  3. Oh dear, it wasn't supposed to be anonymous - Wrinklyhood strikes again!

  4. Bonsoir, Frenchie...Yes, the last picture is of course the one to like, :-)

    Hmmm, anonymous Jay...there IS a cat there and he HAS NO TAIL!!!!! We stayed there last year and met him/her. No tail.

    I saw you two days ago and you cannot claim wrinkly-hood.

  5. It seems to me that Hen was strictly told "say Hullo or something on my blog" and took that literally? :-)

    Have to agree with Vince - the last one is the best one. I agree that the fence is interesting as it slices across landscapes. But there's a lot to be said for gates that slice across fences slicing across landscapes!

  6. You got it right, Senor Monkey...Have you seen the Pink Panther movie where Peter Sellers asks, Does your minkey...bite?

    Note self. Must get Pink Panther movies from Netflix.

  7. Katstert is the common name for Bulbinella - in case anyone is still following this...

  8. Marijke! Thank god for a botanist...(no, I mean it...)yes, Katstert is in fact surrounded by katsterts...They were a bit verby by the time we were there.

  9. I thought it was "Does your dog bite?", the Pink Panther Strikes Again, the inn keeper's dog. Well, it's not his...

    Clouseau trying to get into the castle, funniest scene ever & great soundtrack... :-)

    Yes, I digress...

  10. I don't know which movie it is...but the Inspector says to someone...Is that your minkey?...and then later asks if it bites. Google, IMDB. I'll be back.

  11. Have you a license for your minkey?”

    Dreyfus: MINKEY??? You said MINKEY!!!
    Clouseau: Yes... a Chimpanzee Minkey

    Sigh: that's all I can find. Our family must have scrambled the dog and minkey lines in its collective memory. It's better than a collective mammary...but still.

    Never doubt a Frenchie.

  12. Just for laughs, here's the context. Erase me once read! ;-)

    Return of the Pink Panther.

    "Dreyfuss: Idiot! Clouseau: How was I to know he was the bank manager? Dreyfuss: (Sarcastic) How were you to know the bank was being robbed? Clouseau: That is correct. Dreyfuss: What is correct? Clouseau: I did not know the bank was being robbed because I was engaged in my sworn duty as a police officer. Dreyfuss: You didn't even arrest the old beggar. Clouseau: There was some question as to whether the beggar or his minkey was breaking the leu (law). Dreyfuss: 'Minkey'? Clouseau: What? Dreyfuss: You said 'minkey'! Clouseau: That is correct, yes. Chimpanzee minkey. So I let them both off with a warning. Dreyfuss: The beggar was the lookout man for the gang! Clouseau: That is impossible. Dreyfuss: Why? Clouseau: He was blind. How can a blind man be a lookout? Dreyfuss: How can an idiot be a policeman? Answer me that! Clouseau: It's very simple. All he has to do is enlist-- Dreyfuss: Shut up! How do you know he was blind? Clouseau: He told me so. Dreyfuss: He told you so? And you believed him? Clouseau: I had no reason to doubt him. Dreyfuss: (Laughs) Would you believe me if I told you that I am not having you suspended for six months? Do you believe me? Clouseau: If you say so, sir, yes. Dreyfuss: Because I am a bigger liar than the beggar. You are suspended for six months, without pay! Clouseau: Six months? Dreyfuss: Effective immediately. Have you anything to say? Clouseau: ...Could they lend me fifty franks? Dreyfuss: Will you get out? Out of my sight!"

  13. My gard, you yoomans...

    Minkey/schminkey. I weel bide you all.


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