Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hyssop heist

Ain't no sunshine when they're gone...

Noticed this as I walked to the F this evening. Couldn't believe it. So thorough.

The three foot high Agastache 'Blue Fortune", a.k.a. anise hyssop in the East Houston median, chopped off at the ankles. All of it bar one row nearest the Sunshine Cinema side, possibly because it was a screen for the thief. It is in fact so systematic that I blame a gardening type. They must have had armfuls.

Oh no, Ossifer, I'm just cutting them back!

May you rot, you pox-bottomed Median-thief.


  1. Maybe it was that lady who was cutting the Lily in the park?

  2. God, whatever's not bolted down...and even then.

  3. grrrrr...but at least they didn't yank the plants up!

  4. Marie, I'm so sorry about the theft of the median hyssop! Pretty damn cheeky.


  5. I am appalled. Confused thoughts about this - needed money, food for kids, whatever ? Maybe whoever did it, cannot see further than the need for sustenance. But it's nasty

  6. what in the world would one do with just the tops? i am glad the roots are still there, tho.

    mmm. public plantings.

  7. I find it sad that one person can take so much joy from the thousands who passed the Median and were cheered by it every day. (At least I've stopped cursing my slugs for a bit now.)

  8. Not to excuse the thief...

    I wonder if the perception that this is publicly planted, meaning by a public agency, gives some people the who gives a f*@k attitude. You know, because its the government its nobody.
    But its not the government, its privately planted.

    I know this is ppphhlllttt (!), but would a sign that says generously designed and planted by ..... help?

    By the way, saw the Times piece-congrats on the blog mention...they're learning...

  9. Lisa, maybe..maybe she's selling them as herbal muti somewhere.


    Paula, you're right, at least they left the plant, and maybe they'll come back after this heavy dead-heading!

    Ikaika, yeah, I guess it was to be expected, but this was so...utter.

    Hello Hen..I hadn't thought of that. Maybe alady from Chinatown. One doesn't really see people selling random flowers like one does in Cape Town.

    Donna...pubic plantings :-)

    jvdh - ja nee. Maybe one in a thousand saw it. Consciously. But I like to think that the flowers had a subconscious effect on people.

    Frank...yeah, we should put a sign up. We the people, sort of thing. And I have not seen the Times piece! Hey? Going looking now...

  10. sad...maybe it was a really bad gardener?

  11. I used to work for the Parks Department, and for some reason that median is a hot bed of plant theifery. I've seen so many nice plants disappear there!

  12. "...a hot bed of plant thievery". Now, that's something to chew on!


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