Friday, August 7, 2009

Foaming calamintha and other herbs

Ok, so the rose sneaked in. These were taken yesterday evening on the terrace.

Purple basil beginning to set flowers, which I will still nip out.

Thai basil, sage and calamintha.

The Thai basil is nipped every day, for flowers. This keeps the leaves sweeter and prevents the plants from bolting.

Calamintha is late to snap out of its winter funk, and so only gets going in mid-July. It is at its peak now, and it's a long peak. It will bloom till frost, and is loved by the little honey bees. It's the first time I've seen them this season.

More of the same. Agastache and fennel in the mix.

There may be a post from Fire Island this weekend, and there may not. We were planning to explore Queens but that will have to wait for another weekend. The South African wine is packed, the chicken liver pate insulated, the cat feeder primed, the cat already worshipping at its feet. He thinks it is God.

Happy weekend.


  1. He worships the cat feeder? I must tell my friend's cat, who backed away in terror from hers when it opened, and would have allowed herself to starve to death rather than go into the same room with it again!

  2. hmmph my cats love the cat feeder...but that's because her name is Sara and she loves them back! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do!

  3. Your garden..and you..are an inspiration...

    I am so glad I found you....

    I will continue to follow you.


  4. what a great blog you have. So excited to have found you!

  5. He prays to the cat feeder and then, after a great many prayers, it opens, so he thinks it is is personal deity. Before we left he also tried to pry it open to get to 4 meals for two days at once. Yes, we have left the poor kitty. But he has the terrace, his mat under it, and the run of the house, plus plenty of clean litter and water bowls to choose from. But we miss him already!

    Thank you Paula, typing from the beach. Yippee.

    Hi Kary - thank you, that's very nice of you :-)

    Hi Denise - thanks for visiting!


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