Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Tribeca Terrace

This was an enclosed, dark terrace in Tribeca before its make over. The akebia (chocolate vine) was actually doing quite well high up, and I would have liked to have kept it, as this is an impossible situation for plants, with no direct light, confined by tall buildings on four sides, but the tough vine was not wanted. The old, shellac-ed planters were falling apart. Do not paint wooden planters in shellac. You will live to regret it.

After the planters were broken down and moved out (through the apartment, into the elevator, down to the street), the soil - under the tarp - was stored in giant grow-pots to be moved into the new custom-made planters, yet to arrive.

Cedar planters being delivered...

Then the trees arrived. The useful thing about birches is that they are bendy, and suffer corners better than, say, a crabapple, whose horizontal branches scratch expensive walls unless well wrapped in a clean, soft drop cloth. I make myself deeply unpopular by nagging that all trees be swaddled for delivery.

The clients wanted to keep their old trellis and to spruce it up I decided to add some more vertical pieces.

Which I really wanted to paint green and blue, alternating.

Blue was settled on, and it really lifts the whole terrace. I think.

Here the new birches are in place, planted a little over a week ago, with yews behind to show up their trunks in winter, and with hardy begonias (Begonia grandis) and lady in red (...) ferns (Athyrium angustum 'Lady in Red') at their feet, and some Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet' flanking a bench. Climbing hydrangea to go up the trellis.

I'll check back in a week to see how everything is doing.
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