Monday, August 31, 2009

Moonstruck breakfast

Vince and I watched Moonstruck together.

I've seen it many times. He's seen it more than once. I didn't think I could enjoy it again, but I did. I loved it. It is embarrassing, sometimes, to say that this may be my favourite film, because it is schmaltz. But it is is well written, well edited, well photographed, well acted schmaltz and it hits every pleasure nerve I have. The sugar cubes dropped casually, deliberately and precisely into the glasses of bubbly; the egg in the pan when Cher has a love bite on her neck; the dogs eating Rose's dinner; the old woman putting a curse on the plane; young Nick Cage tossing Bread Bread Bread into the oven. Cher's high heels. Brooklyn Heights. Johnny Cammareri.

It is perfection. Nevermind the continuity that cannot get Olympia Dukakis' hair to look the same two times in one scene.

So the next morning we made the eggs in holes in bread. Italian American bread. Soft white stuff. And I cooked bacon. It was fabulous.


  1. Moonstruck is my all-time favorite movie. I know it by heart and love it to bits. That breakfast is one I make for my husband often. Thanks for this perfect post. You've got such a head for knowin'.

  2. I confess, too -- Moonstruck is one of my all time favorite movies! And we also make that breakfast at our house ... yum!

    A la famiglia!


  3. Ahhh...! I need to see Moonstruck again.((Not least for Puccini :-) )

  4. Moonstruck is one of the most perfectly written confections on offer. It's a fairy tale, wonderfully done. We can all hold our heads up -- There's nothing wrong with a good fairy tale, and many excellent reasons why they endure.

    Going back a post or so, I'm also glad you've decided to slow down the new apartment hunt. Too many changes all at once is too much. Get all the immigration work squared away -- you have to know something would go awry if you moved house in the middle of all that process. Take your time. Just be married for a while in the same country (a la famiglia, as it were). God willing, life is long.

  5. Moonstruck gets my vote too.... love it....

  6. I first saw your blog a couple of weeks ago linked with a NYT garden article. It has so inspired me that I've finally begun to revamp my own poor, neglected garden and begun a blog to keep track of how it grows.

    Many thanks - just the push I needed.


  7. Add me to the list. And my three young adult daughters (ages 25,22 and 18). So much to love about that film. Annual viewing, at least!

  8. I've never seen that film! but from your post, Marie, and all the comments, sounds like i should for sure.

  9. This is one of my favorite movies, too! Just made eggs in a basket this morning... found your site by searching for the breakfast scene in Moonstruck!

  10. MOONSTRUCK, the best Italian feel-good movie ever ~ love it, love it, love it! We reference lines from this movie on a regular basis! So glad I found your blog... very enjoyable.



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