Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tribeca fire escape garden

I saw some large back gardens yesterday in Brooklyn Heights, an area of prime real estate in New York. They were destitute, abandoned, ignored. Blasphemous in this city where square inches count.

This fire escape balcony (see comments), on the other hand, in Tribeca, is cherished.


  1. Lovely! That's what my fire escape only wishes it was, instead of an herb garden.

    But riddle me this -- is it true that it's illegal to have ANYTHING on a fire escape in NYC? I've heard of folks being fined by the fire department for it, and issued orders to remove everything. I know that's probably hard to enforce, but I wonder what the true rule is?!

  2. Hi Jill

    Yes, it is illegal. As to how often it is enforced, I don't know.

    Having a barbecue on your deck or roof terrace is also illegal, and most people who have the space, have a barbecue. I've never heard of this being enforced.

    The fire escape rule is, of course, a good one. When you need the fire escape, which may be never, you really. NEED. the fire escape, right? But it's too tempting for people like us, I'm guessing...

  3. I was wondering about that fire escape rule myself...thanks, Jill, for asking! Marie, maybe the wrought iron in that picture you posted isn't actually a fire escape? they don't seem to be connected by ladders? That one spot of green with flowers cheers up the whole face of that building


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