Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roast chicken a la roadkill

I am not about to explain how to cut this chicken to make it this please visit Jen's blog where her husband Dietsch elucidates and sends you to Gourmet for the how-to. It's easy to do, but best explained in pictures.

The result is perfect skin. Now roast chicken with crisp skin is not hard to achieve (one hour, 450 degrees), but with this flattening, run-over method, ALL the skin is crisp. There is no down- under that sits in the juice and stays soft.

It's a little upsetting, I grant you. The breast out there on its own...but it leaves all the best bits - in my opinion - in one piece, and the breast for something else, the next day. And you have all that Peking duck-like skin to crackle between your teeth.

I put a handful of terrace herbs (tarragon, thyme, parsley, summer savoury) under the bird while it roasted, as well as a shallot, which does wonders for the perfume when it cooks. Deglazed the pan with some water and Vermouth...


  1. I just ate, and I'm salivating again at your pictures. And... I'm just about to roast a chicken! Thank you for the link, I'm about to flatten a bird.

  2. Spatchcocking a chix! I just several weeks ago I was accused of being arrogant because I knew about chix flattening art. I've never done it, though.

    This is why I'm so IMPRESSED. Well done.

    Just one question: did your apt heat up like a hot box? Just the very idea makes my eyes well up.

    :) xx

  3. Looks yummy... even though it's so hot that I can't even think of turning on the oven, but I'll definitely try that when fall arrives (will it ever get cooler?).
    Afterall, the best part of a roasted chicken is the crispy skin. I, too, like to put "stuff" under the bird as it cooks.... veggies and herbs.


    Molie from CT

  4. Gianna - haha! Let me know how it goes!

    Pritha, hi - missed you! Yes, the flat chix made a hotbox deluxe...But how could you be accused of arrogance for knowing this flattening thing?

    Hi Molie - to me roast chicken is like medicine of the preventative kind, and soooo good cold. But you're right. Too hot now.


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