Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guns 'n chickens

“People are buying up guns and chickens and seed,” Ms. Reed said. “That tells me people are wanting to depend on themselves more.”

Just thought I'd share that with y'all.

From the Times.


I grew up with seeds to plant. I grew up with a bantam. And with guns. I like chickens. Still like seeds. I don't like guns. I've never seen one lay an egg. Or grow.

I enjoyed skeet shooting with a shotgun much later in life. I liked target shooting at daisies with a rifle, lying on my tummy on the lawn. Handguns make me sick to the stomach.

I've never thrown an egg. Or pointed a seed.


  1. Oh boy, I can see what I'm going to be writing about on the work blog tomorrow...

    And meanwhile my own indecision about chickens or no chickens in the back yard continues.

  2. They didn't even mention quails...

  3. Not even those of Navarone? ;-)

  4. The right to bear arms... What's next... Freedom of speech?

  5. Yes, but have you ever fired a chicken in anger?

  6. m.heart...I'd love some chickens, meself. I like the noises they make, and find them friendly things. Good at eating snail and things, too. Do you have predators that would pounce on them?

    jvdh - :-( No quails.

    Beence - the Fowl of Navarone?

    Colleen...bother, I think I missed your point..

    Sigrid, ROTFL...hahahahahaha.


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