Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roof garden still being planted...

For what came before, click here.

The beech hedge in the process of being delivered. Point of origin, Oregon. Halfway house, Buffalo, New York. A special order, they've been waiting to be planted for a long time, and need TLC. But they are fine, strong trees and will fluff out, I think, in their second season. Don't be too hard on them.

Working backwards...the planted Japanese grass (Hakonechloa - bless you! - macra "Beni Kazi") under the water tower. It was such a dead space, when I first saw it, and would never be used. But the kitchen, sunken in relation to this terrace, would look straight onto it. What about a sea of Japanese ribbon grass in about 9" of soil? Jim Glover said it would work...Another option had been wintergreen, and a dwarf azalea, but this had the best motion - albeit bald for a couple of months post early spring shearing. The fall tone of this cultivar is red, then gold, and I love Japanese grass for its colour-morphing properties.

In progress, from the level above.

On the upper level, irrigation was being fine-tuned, and the sod waiting for a nice soil bed to be prepared for it.

Some rather rigid boxwood soldiers will grow to fluff into a full clipped hedge around the seating area. Bigger boxwoods meant bigger rootballs which meant they would not fit without shaving. I do not like brutalizing roots.

Bamboo tomorrow.


  1. Yay, Oak Leaf Hydrangea. I lurve them!

  2. This is turning into a very sophisticated roof garden, with such interesting use of challenging spaces. I hope we can visit regularly?


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