Saturday, August 22, 2009


The mid-August flush of Abraham Darby. The rose that never let me down.

Sunset reflected in the east. The clouds last night were spectacular, and we climbed onto the roof later. I have more pictures, and Vince took a mere 111...but he says they are not perfect.

There was a rooftop party on a neighbouring roof terrace on Congress Street, and I envied them. How I have learned to love rooves. It's a whole other life, determined entirely by perspective.

The 2003 blackout taught me that, even though I had been making roof gardens for a couple of years by then. I wish there were pictures. But that was before I had a digital camera. Maybe I can unearth the story I wrote for the Cape's a good one, about fear and fire and friends.


  1. Who could not love Mr. Darby!You should see the size he attains in Australia-gargantuan, yet still lovely.

    And some street art, not far from your 'hood, I think.I like it when people care.

  2. I, too, love Mr. Darby though I don't have him growing in my garden because I've run out of room!

    The skyline photo is beautiful, like a celebration. My daughter is moving back to the NYC from Dublin this winter. She's not a gardener and thus doesn't want a terrace/fire escape but she does need a place with view of the sky!How can anyone live without seeing the sun at some point in its travels?

    Molie from CT


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